Glidescope Titanium

Glidescope Titanium

High Performance Features

  • Choice of blade sizes and designs for a wide array of clinical demands
  • Onboard 4-step technique video tutorial making the system easy to learn and use
  • Real-time snapshot, video recording, and video playback features to help confirm tube placement and facilitate teaching
  • Easy-to-clean blades- IPX8 compliant, with disinfection and sterilization options
  • External monitor connection capability for education and observation

The Titanium System

  • 2 reusable blades
  • Low-profile designs for improved maneuverability and working space
  • Glidescope feature a patented 60O viewing range
  • Titanium construction for lightweight durability
  • Digital, full-color camera and video monitor
  • RevealTM anti-fog technology, with a rapid heating profile to resist lens fogging
  • Fully compatible with digital AVL blade configurations and monitors