Volumetric Infusion Pump DI-2000 | 2200

Single & Dual Channel of Compact Design
  • Dl-2000 for Single Channel & Dl-2200 for Dual Channel

    Double Door Lock System for Free Drop Protection
  • Patient can be protected from the fluid free drop when door is opened carelessly.

    IV Set Library : Compatibility with Other Brands
  • 100 brands of IV SET calibration data can be stored in Dl-2000/2200. The list of IV SET in the IV SET Library can be updated upon user's request.

    Event History | Monitoring System
  • Up to 2,000 operating events are saved in history log.

    Easy Firmware Upgrade
  • Upgraded F/W version may be provided to the users under request.

    Various Setting Modes
  • Micro, Dosage, Gtt(drop/min.), Time Setting Mode available.

    Convenience in Using
  • N Code Calibration
  • Long Visibility by FND and Indication of Remaining Time
  • Separable Pole Clamp & Easy Portable
  • One-Touch Bolus & Purge, Manual Bolus
  • Titration
  • Key Lock
  • Micro Mode
  • Nurse Call

    Various Alarm Functions
  • Door Open I Occlusion (9 levels)
  • Air (Bubble) Detection (4 levels)
  • Infusion Complete
  • Near Complete
  • AC/DC Power Remove Alarm
  • Shut-off Start Reminder
  • Standby Alarm (in 2 minutes)
  • Malfunction (Error 1, Error 2)
  • Battery Low, Battery Empty (Alarm 30 and 3 mins before battery is discharged)
  • Drop Sensor (optional)