Key Features

  • Ambient noise detection !Auto volume adjusting]
  • CPR detection
  • Pads and battery status indicator
  • Multi events recording
  • Easy communication with CU-EX1 software
  • Low cost of ownership


  • Model: i-PAD CU-SP1
  • Standard Package : Defibrillator, Pads, Battery, Manual
  • Output Energy: Adult-150Joules I Pediatric-50Joules[Common usage]
  • Charging Time
    Charging time: Less than 10 seconds
    Charging time after CPR finished : At least 6 seconds

    User Interface
  • User Support : Detailed voice prompts and flashing indicators
  • CPR guidance : Voice prompts for how to perform CPR for adult and child patient
  • Controls : On/Off button, I button, Shock button
  • Indicator : LCD displaylDevice status, Battery status, Pads status)
  • Sensing : Pads expiring date. Pads connection status
  • CPR monitoring
  • Automatic Volume adjusting

  • Sealing : Waterjet proof IPX5 per IEC60529IIP55]
    Dust protected IP5X per IEC60529
  • Temperature: Operation/Standby IO - 43 C)
  • Vibration: Meets MILSTD 810G

    Data Recording and Transmission
  • lrDA port : Wireless transmission of event data to PC, SD card
  • Internal Memory: ECG, Event
  • Storage Capacity: Multi Recording 5 events I Max 3 hours
  • Data Review PC Program : CU-EX1

    Patient Analysis System
  • Patient Analysis: Shockable rhythms [Ventricular Fibrillation, Ventricular Tachycardia)
  • Sensitivity/Specificity: Meets AAMI DF80 Guideline

  • Capacity:
    - Type: DC 12 volt 4.2Ah, Lithium manganese dioxide
    - Minimum 200 shocks[150J]
  • Lifespan : 5 years [high capacity battery]
    (With the condition of the temperature of operation/standby, standby mode after the first initial check)